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drinking tea by the El
Drinking tea near the El

I'm a (one-time) Jeopardy! champ. If you want to see exactly how I did, visit my entry in the Jeopardy archive. My winners' blog entry is available both there and on the Jeopardy site. And, of course, I did get my picture taken with Alex Trebek!

Welcome to my home page, now over 15 years old! Back then, I was an academic, but I moved on to be a web programmer at first a startup company and then a big advertising agency/communications holding company, and then back to another startup. Most recently, I went from being a jill-of-all-Microsoft-trades at high-end design/furniture firm to working as a developer in the investment profiles group at Morningstar.

When I'm not at work, I fiddle with a variety of web pages in my spare time (including one for the trip I took with some of my extended family to Lithuania, where both my paternal grandparents emigrated from) and do the homeowner thing in the funky village of Oak Park. As always, my partner in crime is my my wonderful spouse (a.k.a. Don Anderson), who makes everything in life sweeter.

I am a native Middle-Westerner by birth and by temperament, having been born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. I then did the physics geek thing at Carleton College and spent 5 years becoming Dr. Pildis at the University of Michigan. Two years of being an astronomy postdoc convinced me that the time had come to move on and do something else with my life.

Des Moines, through the eyes of suck.com

Things I care about....

If you're ready to slow down your browser, I have a selection of self-indulgent, bandwidth-sucking pictures:
2012: our November trip to San Juan A very few pictures from 2003
2011: early July and mid-September garden pics on Flickr, plus our fall trip to the Pacific Northwest 2002 pictures: part 1, part 2, and the family trip to Lithuania
2008: a wintertime trip to old Mexico and more miscellany Pictures from 2001: analog and digital
2007: our apparently annual pilgrimage to New Mexico, a Google map of our summer vacation, a few MORE pictures of our rehabbed bedroom, and more miscellany Pictures from 2000
2006: White Sox Spring Training plus another trip to southwestern NM, my surprise birthday party (plus a flashback to the 80s), garden photos from April, May and June, July, and August and other Soxy (and catty) stuff Scenes from Summer 1999 and Halloween 1999
2005: our trip to southwestern New Mexico, garden stuff, our new pond, and everything else Winter fun and old stuff
2004: winter cross quarter, spring equinox (and trip to St. Louis), spring cross-quarter (and SLC visitors), summer solstice with the new Miata Some pictures of Beaune, France, by popular demand

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